How can we help your ITAD / e-waste business?
Overall Efficiencies
Quickly become more efficient and profitable
Certification and Compliance
Report on company and customer Mass Balance
Easily demonstrate adherence to stated policies
Automate the generation of compliance reports
Facilitate conformance to traceability
Production & Inventory
Improve material handling accuracy
Full material tracking instantly at your fingertips
Significantly Increase productivity
Reduce the time to resale
Incentivize sales via accurate commission display
Financial Management
Automate detailed invoicing into QuickBooks
Accurately charge customers in a timely fashion
Effortlessly consolidate customer credits
Create and capture new revenue streams
Logistics Management
Simplify logistics management
Optimize routes to save costs
Improved Transparency
Build customer loyalty and gain new business
Analytics & Reporting
Accurately determine profitability of customers
Facilitate intelligent business decisions
Aggregate data from multiple locations

E-Waste & ITAD Software to Increase Profitability & Simplify Compliance

Makor Recycling Manager™ (MRM) is the leading e-waste / ITAD profitability,

management control and compliance solution. Designed specifically for your e-waste

recycling and ITAD business, Recycling Manager will simplify the process of e-Stewards and

R2 certification, ensure compliance and achieve dramatic efficiencies for your e-waste

and ITAD business. MRM provides a decisive competitive advantage upon full implementation,

allowing your company to streamline your IT asset disposition services.

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50 ways Recycling Manager will help your e-waste recycling business
R2 Certification, e-Stewards Certification and ISO 14000 Certification

MRM e-waste recycling and ITAD software will streamline your e-Stewards, ISO and R2 compliance process while easing your reporting burden. Find out how simple it is to demonstrate compliance.
New reporting packages are coming soon!

  • Is your e-waste recycling
    business and remarketing
    processes under control?

    The MRM platform provides full control, with end-to-end tracking and reporting for the complex e-waste recycling process - including direct resale links into eBay and other channels.

  • Is compliance and daily production reporting too costly a burden?

    A potent set of automated tools will simplify reporting and compliance requirements, helping you achieve or maintain R2 certification, ISO certification or e-Stewards certification.

  • Is intricate e-waste recycling business commission tracking inhibiting your sales team?

    Motivate your sales force by simplifying commission tracking and reporting across complex sales transactions.

  • Spending hours generating
    accurate, inclusive invoices?

    With our IT Asset Recovery Operations software, automatically capture and report complete sales and production data that seamlessly integrates with your financial system.

  • "The Makor Recycling Manager has proven to be a critical cornerstone to our growth. All in all, our investment in MRM has streamlined our company and made us more scalable and competitive in the electronic recycling industry." – Mike Buckles, President – TechnoCycle

Makor Recycling Manager™ Features

MRM e-scrap recycling and ITAD management software provides ITAD and e-waste recyclers with state-of-the-art tools to automate the complex process of electronic waste recycling and IT asset disposition from pickup, through production, to resale. The robust production component of the MRM includes detailed production process management, inventory management, financial management, and sales and fulfillment tools. It is also supplemented by a customer portal, an ITAD and electronics recycling CRM with logistics management, and dashboard reporting. The MRM easily integrates with eBay, QuickBooks, FedEx/UPS and Tabernus for added efficiency.
See a full list of features here.